Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Active Police Threat Assessment Training from Observation to Interdiction

In police threat assessment training, and any form of training that involves interaction with people, it is important that it incorporates the human interaction and safety component associated with an interdiction. This doesn’t necessarily apply to all forms of threat assessment (other than active threat assessment), but is relevant in defensive tactics, verbal communication, or any training that involves police interaction with the public.

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Nathan Meehan Ph.D.
The 411 on JDLR and what it means for identifying active threats

The United States Department of Defense-funded Just Doesn’t Look Right (JDLR) Project was undertaken to transfer tactics, techniques, and procedures to identify active threats from veteran to inexperienced military, law enforcement, and security personnel. Get the 411 from the head researchers on the JDLR Project and what this research means for active threat assessment.

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