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 Online Threat Assessment Training

Save Time. Save Money. Save Lives.

Threat Assessment Training for Law Enforcement, Security, and Military: Identifying whatJust Doesn't Look Right’

Identifying a potential threat in a crowd is a honed skill, and one that can save lives. Police departments, defense personnel and security organizations are often overwhelmed with how to effectively train officers and personnel to identify and combat these threats. Our Threat Awareness training program not only teaches trainees to successfully identify and react to potential threats, but also how to articulate their observations and decision-making process. We train the mindset, not just the eyes.

But this isn’t your typical law enforcement training. The Threat Awareness course was developed using extensive, multi-million dollar research funded by the Defense Department and has been proven effective in environments ranging from local law enforcement to U.N. peacekeeping missions. This flexible 8-hour training is available online and can be taken anytime, allowing for schedule flexibility and significant department cost-savings.




Threat Assessment Training That is Trusted, Necessary and Critical


Credible Assessment is Critical

Empower police officers, military, and security personnel to identify and react to behavioral indicators of threat, with the ability to better articulate their observations in written reports and court testimony. Our techniques are practitioner derived and molded through science.


Government Researched, Officer Trusted

The Threat Awareness Program is based on a multi-year, multi-million dollar research project funded by the Department of Defense called “Just Doesn’t Look Right.” Collaborating organizations include the Boston, Houston, Los Angeles and Denver police departments, as well as the Maryland State Police and U.S. Secret Service.


Proven Effective Globally

This training is taught globally - from law enforcement in Upstate New York, military personnel in Uruguay, and UN peacekeepers in some of the most dangerous places on the planet.



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Save Thousands With Online Training

For organizations, online training can save thousands of dollars in instruction and labor costs. Personnel can train at any time across a 30-day period, minimizing the impact of training on staffing.


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