A Testimonial from a police chief

eric clifford

Chief of Police

Schenectady, NY, USA


I have known Nate (Nathan) Meehan since he was a crime analyst and I was a patrol sergeant. I have known the rest of the team at Second Sight even longer. Nate went to work for the Department of Defense in Washington DC, and I eventually became Chief of Police. Members of my department were then able to get involved in some of the original research conducted by Dr. Meehan and his team and received some training in the observation and threat assessment techniques developed from this research. This proved valuable in our efforts to reduce crime. 

Last year, Second Sight came to me and said that they had developed an online training program and that they could train my entire department in systematic observation and threat assessment. Based on my trust in the Second Sight team and my understanding of their assessment techniques, I signed up my entire (164 sworn) department.

Now, all of my personnel are getting research-based and incredibly relevant training. Even better, because online instruction is inexpensive compared to instructor-led, I can apply more resources to other training needs. My officers are still going through the online training, but their feedback has been good so far. Second Sight is also receptive to their input and has quickly addressed any problems that occurred.
My officers are learning to more systematically observe their environments, assess threats, and articulate what they see. These skills are essential for police officers to protect themselves and the public. I highly recommend that you work with Second Sight and get this training for your officers too.