Cost Calculator Assumptions

1 - Number of personnel you are seeking to train

Explanation: The total number of personnel who you want to get trained.

Default Value: 25 Personnel

2 - How many hours of training you want to provide

Explanation: The length of the class or total number of hours you want to train each person.

Default Value: 8 Hours

3 - Average fully burdened hourly rate of the personnel you are training

Explanation: A fully burdened rate includes pension costs, healthcare, and local, state, and Federal taxes paid by your organization.

Default Value: $55 per hour.

4 - Typical rate of pay for overtime

Explanation: The percentage of your personnel who will need to be on overtime to attend training due. This overtime requirement may be due to staffing needs and shift differences. Answer choices are straight, time and a half, or double time.

Default Value: 33% of personnel on overtime. Remaining personnel will be on straight time.

5 - Overtime Rate

Explanation: The overtime rate your contractual and legal obligations. If not required to pay overtime you can select "Straight Time".

Default Value: Straight Time

6 - Per License Cost of Online Training.

Explanation: This price is the per license/user cost.

Default Value: $99 (Our online 8-hour online Threat Awareness training is $99 per license.

7 - Cost of an ILT version of the class.

Explanation: The cost to pay an outside vendor (include travel costs, per diem, and labor for the instructor )to deliver the training OR paying your own personnel to manage and deliver a training.

Default Value: $3,000