Active Threat Assessment Training for Security Professionals (Online & Instructor-led)

The Threat Awareness for Security Professionals training program is an 8-hour training providing knowledge, tools, and techniques to identify and react to behavioral indicators of threat.

Adapted from our course for law enforcement, this program is designed for security officers who have a mission of observing, interacting with, and protecting the public. Our active threat assessment methodology involves systematically assessing environments, identifying suspicious individuals (also known as a person of interest), evaluating the extent these persons are a threat, and deciding on an appropriate course of action.


By the end of the program, trainees will:

  1. have a working knowledge of the terms and concepts associated with active threat assessment;

  2. be able to assess a behavioral baseline using the Behavioral Baseline Instrument (BBI);

  3. be able to identify the roles, deviations, and objectives of those they are observing;

  4. be able to identify behavioral threat indicators and their relevance to the baselining process; and

  5. be able to assess a baseline, identify a Person of Interest (POI), and recognize a potential threat.


The behaviors represented in this program were identified by law enforcement officers from agencies throughout the United States and were validated through research by Social Scientists under the auspices of the Just Doesn’t Look Right (JDLR) Project. The JDLR Project was supported by the Rapid Reaction and Technology Office of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. This research was transitioned to peace operations personnel via the Identifying Threats training program funded by the United States Southern Command and the Global Peace Operations Initiative.  

Online course format

The online program is comprised of four courses. All courses include a mix of lectures, videos, and video-based exercises.

  • Course 1: Trainees are provided an introduction to the overall program. 

  • Course 2: Trainees learn to systematically observe their environment using our baselining process and the Behavioral Baseline Instrument (BBI).

  • Course 3: Trainees learn about the different behavioral threat indicators.

  • Course 4: Trainees are given further opportunity to test their skills and merge what is learned from Course 1, 2, and 3.

The course uses iterative and compounding practice exercises and material to meet course objectives. Trainees are repeatedly evaluated through theory and practical exams throughout the program. There are four theory examinations and three practical examinations. Trainees must pass each course with an average of 70% to proceed. Trainees are provided with takeaway materials for their use and have access to the course for the remaining term of their license.


Our active threat assessment training courses are designed for both individuals and organizations. Trainees learn our active threat assessment methodology and have an opportunity to practice their new skills. See our pricing page or contact us to get more information about instructor-led training (ILT), organizational pricing, and multi-license discounts.

This online program is available to security personnel with a broad range of missions. Affiliation will be verified after purchase and prior to enrollment. 

Online training can be completed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Instructor-led training is provided onsite at your location.



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