LAw Enforcement, Security, & Military Affiliation

Does any of these described your job? If so, you are eligible!

Eligible for Threat Awareness for Law Enforcement

Threat Assessment Training for Law Enforcement

1. Law Enforcement

Law enforcement includes a wide variety of personnel with the ability to enforce laws, investigate crimes and make arrests. This includes police officers, detectives, and investigators who work for organizations ranging from local government to state and Federal organizations. Examples of law enforcement includes local, state, & federal police, highway patrol & state troopers,  border patrol, county sheriffs and deputies, and fish & wildlife officers. 

Threat Assessment for Corrections

2. Corrections

Personnel working in public correctional institutions are eligible for this course.  Correctional officers includes probation and parole officers from local, state, and Federal organizations. 

Threat Assessment Training for Military

3. Active Duty Military  

Active duty military personnel include the men and women of the US Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, or Coast Guard. It also includes members of reserve and guard units. 



Eligible for Threat Awareness for Security Professionals


1. Public and Private Security

Public and private security personnel are eligible, including those who protect lives and property at events, schools, universities, gaming establishments, and public and private buildings.


2. Executive and Personal Protection

Individuals involved in the personal protection, close protection, executive protection, celebrity and dignitary protection, and bodyguard industry are eligible..

Threat Assessment for Transportation Security

3. Transportation Security 

Airport, train station, and other transportation security personnel are eligible to take this course.

Training for Camera Surveillance

4. Law Enforcement Affiliated Camera Operators

A large number of law enforcement organizations are relying on and utilizing security cameras to help them prevent crime and apprehend offenders. The skills learned in our Threat Awareness Course will help these men and women identify what is not right in a location and help dispatch assistance to interdict with suspicious people. 



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If you are a member of a non-US military or police organization, please do not hesitate to send us a message about obtaining courses for your organization. 

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