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how you can Get Active Threat Assessment training



Pete Forth from Second Sight here. Thanks for your interest in active threat assessment. I wanted to quickly walk you through our online active threat assessment training programs - including what you will learn, how it can help you, some course logistics, and how to purchase and get enrolled.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email ( or submit a contact form.

Stay Safe and Train Like Your Life Depends On It, Because it Does.

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1) About the Online Active Threat Assessment Training.

The objective of these courses is to help you become a better observer and identify threats. You will first learn to systematically observe. We have a developed a technique called baselining, you will learn to apply the baselining process in different environments and use this process to identify persons of interest. You will learn to observe this specific person of interest to assess if they are carrying weapons. Check out our “Shots Fired” case study to see how one officer put these techniques into practice.

2) Course Background.


The baselining process was developed by bringing high speed, proactive law enforcement officers from around the country to work with researchers to help better understand and formalize the process of threat assessment and LE observation.  You can learn more about how this program was developed and tested in our blog posts about the JDLR Project , the Identifying Threats Program, and about what experienced police officers are saying about the course in our Trainees & Testimonials page. The important thing to remember is that you are learning from the experience of hundreds if not thousands of police officers.

3) How this will help you.

These techniques will keep you safer and make you more effective at whatever your mission.  97% of LEO and military personnel who completed this course felt they were better prepared to identify active threats after taking the course.  We will teach you to be a better observer and to better identify threats in any type of environment. This will also better prepare you to craft an informed plan to interdict with potential threats.  

4) About the course itself.


Our online classes are flexible and allow you to take the course whenever you want. You can access the course any time and your progress will be tracked. The class is roughly 30% lectures (videos and reading), 40% interactive practice exercises, and 30% exams. Everything is open book. Course materials are available for downloading. You can message an instructor if you have problems and you will get a certificate after completion. If you want to get a taste of our online courses, you can take our 1-hour Introduction to Active Threat Assessment course free of charge.

5) Purchasing and getting enrolled.

You can buy the course online through our website. Just a quick note, licences are a bit more expensive for individuals because we need to verify your law enforcement or security affiliation. To purchase use the buttons below or go to pricing, pick which version of the 8-hour course is right for you (LE or Security Professionals) and buy online.

You will be asked to submit contact information when you buy. After purchase, you will get emailed a form to submit so we can verify your affiliation with LE or a security provider. After verification, we will enroll you in our learning portal and you can start your training. That’s it!



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