Our Approach: Online Law Enforcement Training & Military & Security Training (and Instructor-Led)


training is essential for law enforcement, military, and security personnel placed in potentially life threatening situations  seeking to solve complex problems.

Law enforcement training and security guard training are expensive. You need to pay the trainee, the instructor, and, as is the case of police training, you need to pay the replacement of that trainee in the field.  We offer both instructor-led and online law enforcement training classes and training for security professionals to meet your needs. Online active threat assessment training can allow for your personnel to be trained more efficiently and consistently.  Instructor-led active threat assessment training can offer opportunities for experiential and role-playing scenarios which are only possible in-person. 

Our threat assessment methodology and threat assessment training courses are relevant to security professionals, military personnel, police patrol, and detectives. Law enforcement supervisor training in active threat assessment also provides a number of benefits. It helps these supervisors serve the public and allows them to help their personnel to draft reports and articulate decisions to stop, use of force, and make an arrest.



Benefits of Instructor-Led Law Enforcement Training

Instructor-led Threat Assessment Training

Allows for role-playing and real time feedback from the instructor.  

Instructor-led police officer training (ILT) has significant benefits for learners.  Face-to-face interactions between learners and instructors allows a more individualized learning experience. ILT training also enables transmission of knowledge between the learners in the class. It is also possible to receive real-time feedback from an instructor, and they can ask questions to ensure full comprehension of the material. 


It is expensive. 



Benefits of Online Training

Online Threat Assessment Training

Efficient and inexpensive. 

Online training offers the organization and the learner significant benefits. It can quickly and efficiently reach a large number of personnel. It allows learners to train at their own pace. It allows organizations to ensure that their trainees are consistently receiving high quality material. It allows for reduced instructional costs and can reduce the impact of training on personnel deployments and scheduling. 


Fewer opportunities for real time feedback. Less useful for complex or stressful situations. 



Hybrid Active Threat Assessment Training

Hybrid Threat Assessment Training

Hybrid training approaches can offer some of the benefits of both ILT and online training. Online training can allow the quick and efficient delivery of material to personnel. By integrating online with virtual or classroom instructor-led training, it will enable learners to receive real-time feedback, individualized instruction, and group experiential learning.