The Ambassador Program

Thank you for your interest in Second Sight Training Systems and the Threat Awareness training program. We recognize your time and resources are limited, making it hard to find quality and effective training. Through our 8-hour online Threat Awareness program, we can train your officers to systematically observe their environment, identify persons of interest, and assess if this subject is a threat.

But how do you know this training will help you?

Join our Ambassador Program, we will train one of your officers in our online program free of charge. Based on input from one of your staff, you can decide if want to train the rest of your organization.


We are confident you will. We stand by our active threat assessment training. Therefore, we are comfortable giving you this opportunity to “try it before you buy it”.

The Threat Awareness Program

In this course, officers learn to systematically observe their environment and identify active threats. Active threats have many names - terrorists, criminals, sexual predators, and active shooters. They include persons carrying weapons or trying to harm your officers or the citizens they swore to protect. Training can allow your officers to pick out active threats from crowds, take appropriate action, and explain their decisions to stop, use force, or make an arrest.

Taking the 8-hour Training

Our flexible 8-hour training is available online and can be taken anytime, allowing for schedule flexibility and significant department cost-savings. There are four separate courses in this program. The classes include a mix of lectures, videos, and video-based exercises. Our system will save your progress as you work through the different activities, modules, and courses.

How to Join

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please complete the contact form available here and don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions. Please check your spam folder for emails from Second Sight. You can also email us ( or submit a generic contact form if you have any questions. All form fields are mandatory.


Your designated trainee will have 30 days to complete the Threat Awareness training. A maximum of one ambassador per organization is allowed. After completing the program, the ambassador will be asked to complete a course survey and have a 15-20 minute phone call with one of our team.  This will allow us to understand their perceptions of the course and your organizational needs. A certificate of completion will be provided after this discussion.

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