About Threat


What is a Threat?

There are a lot of threats out there.  Terrorists. Criminals. Violent Extremists. Active Shooters. Ambushes. People illegally carrying concealed weapons or other contraband. These threats could be against you or the members public you are mean to protect. 

Remember, that your assessment of threat is tied to decisions to stop, use force, or make an arrest. Properly assessing threat will allow you to make more informed decisions and take the best course of action. 



How will threat assessment training help me?

Threat assessment is relevant to a variety of decisions. The decision to stop. The decision to use force. The decision to make an arrest. Your assessment of threat will inform any of these decisions. It is relevant to any law enforcement, military, or security-related mission. Using our observation and assessment approaches will:

  • Enhance your ability to identify potential threats
  • Ensure you focus on the right person based on your mission objective
  • Aid your tactical and strategic decision-making
  • Improve your safety and the safety of those you trying to protect
  • Reduce the subjectivity in your observations
  • Facilitate your establishment and articulation of reasonable suspicion
  • Allow you to better predict potential outcomes of an encounter.


Who can benefit from threat assessment?


Law enforcement, military, and security personnel must address a variety of complex problems in difficult situations. In many cases, a systematic approach to observation, threat assessment, and interdiction will facilitate a successful solution.

Threat Assessment can help you solve missions such as: 

  • Patrol
  • Gun Interdiction
  • Investigations
  • Executive Protection
  • Counter - Terrorism
  • Border Security
  • SWAT
  • Fugitive Recovery
  • Police Large Scale Events
  • Active Shooter Response