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Our mission is to assist the men and women of the defense, security, and law enforcement communities in their efforts to protect property and the public. Our team has worked with law enforcement, military, and security personnel throughout the United States and across the globe. The Second Sight Training Systems (SSTS) Team has a diverse background in law enforcement, research, and software and systems development. Our diversity of experience is the reason for our success.

The basis for our work is the research and threat assessment methodology developed as part of the Just Doesn’t Look Right Project (JDLR). The JDLR Project was a United States Department of Defense (DoD) funded research program focused on identifying behavioral indicators of threat. Dr. Meehan, our Director of Research and Development, led the JDLR Project team and worked closely with Mr. Christopher Strange and Mr. Michael McClary on the JDLR Project for five years.

The JDLR Project focused on the understanding of how and why law enforcement use behavior to identify threats. Data collection involved interviews and focus groups within federal, state and local law enforcement. Organizations which collaborated on the JDLR Project include:

  • Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (NV)

  • Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (CA)

  • Los Angeles Police Department (CA)

  • International Narcotics Interdiction Association

  • The United States Secret Service

  • Maryland State Police  

  • North Carolina State Highway Patrol

  • Boston Police Department (MA)

  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (NC)

  • Houston Police Department (Texas)

  • Denver Police Department (CO)

  • Schenectady Police Department (NY)

  • Glenville Police Department (NY)

Findings associated with this project have been used to support military and law enforcement personnel deployed to a variety of complex missions. Reports documenting JDLR Project findings include:

  • Behavioral Indicators of Legal and Illegal Gun Carrying

  • Behavioral Indicators of Drug Carrying in Open Spaces

  • Behavioral Indicators of Drug Courier in Airports

  • Behavioral Indicators During a Police Interdiction

Our techniques are practitioner derived and molded through science. Our threat assessment methodology has been transitioned as law enforcement training classes and to military personnel in the US and abroad.  


Threat Assessment Training Services

1. Online course development for law enforcement, security, and military organizations.

We don’t just provide threat assessment training online. We can help develop online training for your organization. This will allow you to more efficiently and effectively train your personnel and stay on budget. 

 2. Instructor-led course development for law enforcement, security, and military organizations.

Our team can not only help you with online law enforcement training, we can also help you develop instructor-led training. 

 3. Online course hosting.

We can host your online training courses on a branded e-learning portal. 

 4. Online course adaptation.

We can help you transition your instructor-led courses to online.  

 5. Training and consultation.

Our team has a tremendous wealth of experience and we can help with law enforcement training, military training and security training. We can help you too. 



Nathan Meehan Ph.D.

Email:  Phone: 800-701-4481 Ext 804


Phone: 800-701-4481 Ext 804

Dr. Meehan led the JDLR Project research team while he was a Social Scientist at the United States Naval Research Laboratory’s (NRL) Adversarial Modeling Exploitation Office. At the NRL, he also successfully managed a variety of short- and long-term projects for the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security on topics ranging from crime analysis to the development of web-based research platforms for visual search. He earned his Ph.D. at the School of Criminal Justice at the State University of New York Albany.  Dr. Meehan is also a Certified Law Enforcement Analyst and worked as the Lead Crime and Intelligence Analyst.  As an analyst, he also assisted on an FBI Operation Safe Streets (OSS) Taskforce targeting violent gang members. Dr. Meehan has also instructed a variety of online and traditional undergraduate college course for SUNY Albany, Excelsior College, and the University of Maryland Center for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism.

As Director of Research and Development for Second Sight Training Systems, Dr. Meehan is responsible for developing and implementing course content, evaluation of existing course techniques and processes, the development of new training materials, and the transition of that research into practice.


Peter Forth

Email:  Phone: 800-701-4481 x805


Phone: 800-701-4481 x805

Pete has 25 years of experience working in law enforcement. At present, he is a Detective Sergeant overseeing detectives who investigate all felony level crimes from assault to homicide. Pete has been a member of the department’s S.W.A.T team for the past ten years and is currently the commander of the sniper element.  For three years, Pete was Detective Sergeant in the Special Investigations Unit where he supervised and conducted narcotics investigations at the local, state and federal levels. Pete also held a variety of positions in the patrol division as both a patrol officer, community police officer, and a sergeant. Pete also has extensive training experience having served as a head of training, a lead instructor for the Zone 5 Police Academy Street Survival course, and he also trains recruits in the academy’s mental health module.  He is a FBI certified Defensive Tactics Instructor and Hostage Negotiator and instructs on tactics, firearms and mental health at the department and academy level.  Pete supported the Department of Defense as a consultant from 2012-2016, instructing throughout The United States and in South America.   Pete holds a degree in Criminal Justice and attended Hudson Valley Community College, SUNY Albany, and Empire State College.

As the Director of Operations, Pete is responsible for the development and delivery of training, liaising with the practitioner community, and managing the day to day operations of SSTS. 


Christopher Strange

phone: 800-701-4481 Ext 802

phone: 800-701-4481 Ext 802

Chris has over 29 years of experience in military operations, law enforcement and tactical training. He began his career with the U.S. Army 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne).  Christopher has held several positions within law enforcement including Patrol Officer, Community Police Officer, Field and Tactical Training Officer, SWAT Team Leader/Instructor and Detective in the Investigative Services Bureau. He was a member of the Directed Patrol Unit with responsibilities that included street-level drug enforcement with a focus on dealers in high crime areas and collection of gang intelligence.  Christopher was the Lead Street Survival Tactics Instructor for N.Y. State's Zone Five Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy. He spent the last five years of his law enforcement career as a Special Federal Officer with the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, targeting violent street gangs. From 2010-20016, Christopher supported the JDLR Project as a consultant for the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). With the NRL he was actively engaged in research and development relating to the JDLR Project and was deployed five times to Uruguay to provide pre-deployment training to Uruguayan military personnel slated to be deployed to UN missions in Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As the Lead Instructor for Second Sight Training Systems, Christopher provides training to our training partners.

Steven Jansen Esq.

Phone: 800-701-4481 x806

Phone: 800-701-4481 x806

Steven is the former Director of Prosecutors against Gun Violence (PAGV). PAGV is a non-partisan membership advancing prosecutorial and policy solutions to the public health and safety crisis of gun violence. He is also the former Chief Operating Officer and Vice-President of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA).   

Steven is a former prosecutor from the Wayne County (Detroit) Prosecutor’s Office and received his Juris Doctor from Michigan State University College of Law.  He has a Masters of Law (LL.M.) in Prosecutorial Science from Chapman University Fowler School of Law and graduate of Harvard University’s Kennedy School for Executive Education in Leadership Decision Making

As a subject matter expert, Steven will be working with the Second Sight Team to develop training products and liaise with law enforcement organizations.